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Please complete this Reservation Form.
Mailing Address

Please choose one of the following:
Do you plan to have a car on campus?
Will you be submitting a request for ADA accommodations to the Student Access Office? (This request must be received by the Student Access Office by May 1.)
Theme Housing Request
*Excel Program: To help students meet the often overwhelming challenges of freshman year, Adelphi created EXCEL - Entering students eXcelling through the Contributions of Experienced Leaders. This mentoring program provides freshmen with additional support.

**Students requesting honor suites will be assigned in cooperation with the dean of the Honors College.

***The Green Community is located in Chapman Hall and is assigned by the residence hall director of the building.
*To ensure a room assignment that meets your needs, people with disabilities who need accessible rooms should contact the Student Access Office at 516.877.3145 as soon as possible.
Additional Room Preferences
(We inform you of the type and cost of your room in a subsequent letter.  There is no guarantee that special requests will be met.)
Meal Plan*
*All residents are required to purchase a meal plan.  If you wish, you may increase your meal plan at any point in the semester. Rates are subject to change.
I understand that my signature obligates me financially for the cost of a residence hall space and meal plan from the date of sign-in/occupancy through the end of the academic year as outlined in this agreement and the University publications.  I have read, understand, and agree to all terms, conditions, and policies outlined on this agreement and the Residence Hall Agreement.  In addition, all students will be billed for health insurance unless waived according to section five on the Residence Hall Agreement form.

Campus housing is not guaranteed. To process your Residence Hall Agreement Form, both the nonrefundable $300 housing deposit and the $250 tuition deposit must be received by the Office of University Admissions no later than May 1 for fall admission or as soon as possible for spring admission.

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